Thomas Brandartistic leader

Thomas Brand – Dutch visual artist with experience as a filmmaker, animator and lighting designer. Disciplines that he likes to combine in immersive, interdisciplinary projects. He creates images in which the viewer can literally get lost, using everything his arsenal has to offer.

After completing his studies at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, Thomas started working for various theater and film projects, gaining hands-on experience as a set designer, filmmaker, animator and technician.

Worked on location theater projects with the PampaLab foundation, community arts projects with the FORMAAT foundation and immersive performances with his own foundations, Collectief KG and FuseWorks, as well as followed a course in film directing at the Amsterdam Filmshool. This has resulted in a lot of hands-on experience in various roles, giving him the tools to think out of the box and to work and communicate comfortably in many different projects. Thomas likes to take on the challenge and works at the limit of his abilities in order to stretch it a little every time. He has since worked as a lighting designer for various projects on location or in the theater and has worked with Ronald Snijders and Patrick Nederkoorn, among others. Worked on location with Vis-a-Vis and Titia Bouwmeester. Worked with Cat Smits Company on several short puppet/poetry films and video sets. Worked as a video director translating the location theater to live stream. With dance group Movementalists, he made visuals for Theater Terra and Deep Bridge, coaches students in the use of video in Project Brandt! at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, worked as a DOP on various short films, directs his own short films and is working on a series of multi-disciplinary site-specific short films with his project KIEMGROND.

Since 2019, Thomas is a permanent member of the Futurists together with Jerzy Bielski where he worked on Zamenhof Project: Breaking the Codes, No-One Show, and NONline Opera (visuals, dramaturgy, light design, DOP, animation, post production).



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