Sandra Abouavchoreographer

Sandra Abouav – French choreographer, trained in classical dance in Angoulême, she discovered contemporary techniques at the Conservatoire de Poitiers. She graduated from History of Arts and Archaeology (University of Poitiers) and Choreographic Performing Arts in Paris.
In 2010, she founded the company METAtarses with Vincent Cespedes, composer and philosopher. Together, they created several productions and performances. She forged strong links with Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. In 2015, she invited Alexis Morel, composer and flutist, to play on the musicality and magic that words generate in movement, together they created RIZ COMPLET.

As a stagiaire at the Royaumont Foundation for the ” Vocal presence in the choreographic score” programme, she began her research and writing around yawning and its metamorphoses: À BOUCHE QUE VEUX-TU is created in 2017. Continuing her research into the dialogue between voice and movement, and increasingly considering the body as a musical instrument, she is developing a research and composition laboratory in a very short format (videodance with a text automatically translated into English by an AI). Playground and production area, for 3 years she has been producing Parking Dance, a weekly web series conducive to invitations and collaborations. The challenge was the creation of a choreographic, vocal and literary entity.

Her multi-disciplinary pieces call for a great complicity with musical composition, with mechanic worlds and zoomorphic transformations. Her dance invests great physicality and draws its commitment from a dialogue with space where precision and the plastic approach of the body as metamorphosis serve a sensitive, generous purpose on the edge of the absurd. In 2015 Abouav begin a collaboration with composer and performer Jerzy Bielski. Together they created + – / , 1 = ; _ X % in 2016 and Zamenhof Project: Breaking the Codes in 2019 and are currently working on “Fish dance when they are not sleeping”.



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Ilse Jobse

costume designer

Aleksej Ovsiannikov

recorder player

Pau Sola Masafrets


Dennis Massar


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