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In the age of Artificial Intelligence, communicating with us omnipresent ChatGPT and algorithms leading our search engines and, therefore, heavily influencing our access to information and the world’s view, is a performer still an essential part of performance? Or can technology already surpass humans, replacing us in this role? And if so, how autonomous such an “androidic” performer could be from its human creator/programmer? And could it ever set free or even multiply itself into few separate beings having a simultaneous conversation with each other? How could it communicate with us and what kind of communication would that be?

No-One Show takes a viewer on a virtual, audiovisual journey through a world dominated by systems of algorithms and codes, to rediscover the essence of being human. It allows one to immerse in parallel realities and to witness the competition between human and AI happening in front of our eyes.

Note: Limited capacity due to the number of VR headsets. There is a stroboscope light used in the film.


Concept, composition, text, performance
Jerzy Bielski
Audio, sound design, video programming
Tatiana Rosa
Director of photography, light design, film post-production
Thomas Brand
Karolina Maksimowicz
Marta Musial

Supported By

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, NORMA fonds, Gaudeamus, Silbersee

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