A. is an immersive XR music experience and surreal existential tale driven by a musical score telling the story of an anonymous individual, who suddenly finds himself alone in the middle of an ocean. Disappointed by modern, superficial society, he chooses an “inner emigration” to his own safe space out in the open sea. There he is plagued by visions of the world he wanted to leave behind. Dreams, half-forgotten memories and visions of the future surround him all around. When A. tries to flee from this confrontation, we become increasingly entangled in his subconsciousness. We are inside A.’s world almost like inside the belly of a whale, gradually discovering what haunts him and the reason why he withdrew from life and society.

A. is an interdisciplinary movie where music goes hand in hand with animations in a 360 degree VR world. Multi-layered microtonal compositions are interspersed and integrated with spoken text and mixed and composed field recordings of the sea and city soundscapes – in a spatial sound image (Ambisonic) moving around the viewer and luring them deep into this cinematic reality.

The 30min. long prototype of “A.” is being created at the moment. It will be presented as an installation at festivals and performing arts venues.

The full scale 60min. XR experience is planned for 2024-26. It will combine XR content, live performance and live music.


Studio Immersief,
After it Moves,
Plein Theater Amsterdam


Artistic direction
Jerzy Bielski and Thomas Brand
Cinematography, animation, director
Thomas Brand
Concept, music, text
Jerzy Bielski
Audio programming, Ambisonic design
Tatiana Rosa
Actor/mime performer (“A.”)
Aleksej Ovsiannikov
Danny van Zuijlen, Luuk Hendriks
Thomas Brand

Supported By

Stimuleringsfonds / Filmfonds.

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