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Welcome! Here you download press-kits and high resolution images as well as technical information of our projects. For more information and material, please contact Imke van Muriël Herk at [email protected]


This immersive music theatre performance for 4 singers, Deaf dancer, electronics and visuals.

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, het Cultuurfonds, BNG Cultuurfonds

Fish dance when they are not sleeping

(Opera for the deaf)

Supported by Cultuurloket DigitALL, De Nationale Opera, ENOA


A. is an interdisciplinary movie where music goes hand in hand with animations in a 360 degree VR world.

No-One Show

No-One Show takes a viewer on a virtual, audiovisual journey through a world dominated by systems of algorithms and codes, to rediscover the essence of being human.

Zamenhof Project

In this large-scale, 1,5h long interdisciplinary piece inspired by the ideas and the life of a linguistic genius Ludwik Zamenhof, Bielski constructs a world which surprises, challenges and confuses.

not only

This exceptional concert conceived by Jerzy Bielski combines (non) music and theatrical performance to provide an hour-long (art) history lesson laced with humour.

NONline Opera

NONline Opera is an ode to a live meeting of an artist and the audience, or live meeting of people in general – as opposed to an online performance or a Zoom meeting.

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