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interdisciplinary music theatre, opera, and audiovisual works with new technologies. Currently they work with deaf performers and hearing musicians on developing a new artistic bridge between the two cultures through music and visual language. Futurists started as an initiative of Netherlands-based Polish composer, stage director and performer, Jerzy Bielski in 2018, with the aim of bringing a completely new kind of music theatre to the today’s Dutch and international performing arts scene. Visual artist and filmmaker Thomas Brand has joined forces with Jerzy in 2020 and together they created a space, in which truly interdisciplinary works can be made, with different art forms (music, theatre, visuals, VR, XR, dance, sound art, installation) being closely and freely intertwined with each other from the earliest moments of creation.

In the core centre of the Futurists works lie new narratives, deeply rooted in our today’s reality and connected to the current important socio-civilisation related topics. The ongoing theme throughout all the performances is a strive for communication and understanding between people coming from different cultures, backgrounds and realities. All this, combined with immersiveness and non-intrusive participation etched into every piece, led the Futurists to developing new form(s) and creating an artistic language of their own.

Futurists currently work on:

  • Immersive opera-ritual ZUAM which premiered on the 24th of May 2024 at O. Festival for Opera. Music. followed by a string of performances at Oerol and other Dutch festivals.

  • Preparations for the interdisciplinary opera project made together with deaf performers and hearing musicians Fish dance when they are not sleeping made in collaboration with Dutch National Opera, Innovation Lab/Theater Utrecht and ENOA (European Network of Opera Academies). After a series of artistic researches and work in progress presentations which have been running since 2022 the main production is on the horizon with the premiere in 2025

  • Preparations for the immersive XR 360 music theatre experience A. The premiere is planned for 2026.

To date, the Futurists have produced four major works:

NONline Opera / 2022

No-One Show / 2020

not only FUTURISTS / 2015/2019



artistic leader
sound artist
production manager
communications & PR
business advisor
business manager



Ilse Jobse

costume designer

Aleksej Ovsiannikov

recorder player

Pau Sola Masafrets


Dennis Massar


Sharon Wesseling


Ali Shafiee


About the foundation


Futurists foundation focuses on developing, organizing, realizing and exploiting activities and projects in the field of (performing) art and culture in the broadest sense of the word.

The foundation tries to achieve its goal by:

  • Organizing, realizing and exploiting projects and performances

  • Developing and distributing educational materials through workshops, activities, online media and other channels

  • To perform all actions that are conducive, necessary, customary or related to the aforementioned objectives

The foundation explicitly does not aim to make a profit.



Futurists board members are not paid for their work for the foundation, nor do they have an expense account: they are volunteers. Theatre maker and composer Jerzy Bielski is the artistic director and the main creative leader of the Foundation’s projects.

The remuneration policy for staff and management at foundation Futurists follows the Dutch Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance CAO Toneel & Dans, and works according to the Culture Governance Code and Fair Practice Code. The salary and employment conditions of the managment are determined by the board, taking into account the legislation and regulations surrounding the Dutch Standards for Top Incomes Act for the public and semi-public sector.

The management consists of Jerzy Bielski (director), Thomas Brand (artistic leader) and Jasper Hupkens (business manager).

We strive for a safe and inclusive working environment in which everyone feels valued and respected, following the Diversity & Inclusion Code.

Foundation Futurists works per project-basis, receiving grants from various local and national, public and private funding institutions, such as Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst or Cultuurloket DigitALL. Futurists are preparing to apply for the multi-year structural subsidies from Fonds Podiumkunsten and Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst in 2028.

In addition to the income from ticket sales, co-productions and foreign tours, we organize activities such as workshops, lectures and think-tanks. We work together with both public and private parties, such as educational institutions, universities, academies, theaters, production houses, art and theater festivals. Furthermore, project-specific funding applications are made to private funds.

The Futurists foundation has ANBI status (or Public Benefit Organisation in English), which means that donating to the company has tax benefits.

Business Numbers
KvK: 71932321
RSIN: 858909741
BTW: NL 858909741B01

NL42 INGB 0009 1623 69
t.n.v. Stichting Futurists

Our financial reports and other documents:
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