Amsterdam-based foundation dedicated to researching, producing and presenting new contemporary music theatre through collaborations with top end stage directors, choreographers, sonic and video artists, and performers. Most of its activities are interdisciplinary, crossing boundaries of different art disciplines and mixing genres, searching for new forms, surprising juxtapositions, ambitious material, intense experiences, with topics deeply rooted in our nowadays reality, often of a social importance.

The foundation goals lie in looking for unusual approaches to creation (i.e. having form as a starting point and a material, rather than a narrative), trying to redefine the genre (i.e. giving equal importance to music, theatre, choreography, video, text, lighting, etc.), all of it, however, coming from a musical/compositional way of thinking about a performance.

Inspiration for the name of the foundation came from the early 20th century international artistic movement of the same name. The piece not only FUTURISTS which has won Amsterdam Fringe festival in 2015 and which was created by Jerzy Bielski, the director of the foundation, has also been based on this movement: futurists.nl/notonlyfuturists